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Prince Georges County My Home & My Home II $0 Down Home Buying & Closing Costs Assistance Program

Qualifying for My Home & My Home II

The steps to qualify for My Home & My Home II are similar to those you would complete in order to buy any home or condo in a traditional purchase. It makes sense to complete these steps in a logical order – My Home is a program designed to help you actually complete the purchase on a home.

My Home and My Home II is best when applied for when you are already close to purchasing a home. It is a program that simply eliminates the biggest obstacle to purchasing – the Down Payment.

We recommend the following steps and process in order to use these PG County programs:

  • Find & start working with a Real Estate Agent who wants to help you find a home or condo that qualifies for My Home or My Home II. There are special considerations for each program that your Agent must help you navigate.
  • Once you find a home / condo that you are interested in, then you must go through the Pre-Qualification process with a lender or mortgage professional. Find Out More about this process.
  • The qualification process will determine if you are able financially to purchase the home. It takes into account the home’s purchase price, the normal down payment, the interest rate, closing costs, other fees and more. Loan application fees are due at this point.
  • Once this is done, your Real Estate Agent can help you start the My Home and My Home II application process.  If you’ve followed the process correctly, and meet all the requirements, the application process becomes easy.
  • If you are going to actually use the program, you will have to complete 8 hours of Education through a HUD certified            housing agency.

If you are approved, your Down Payment on your home purchase is now paid for by DC’s Housing Finance Agency. You are still responsible for any closing costs, home inspection fees and appraisal fees related to the home you have chosen. These are all normal costs associated with buying & are not affected by DCHFA Open Doors. Find Out More about the normal costs associated with buying.